Mid-Prairie took two of three duals wrestled Thursday night at North Cedar High School. They are now 7-12 in duals this season. 

Mid-Prairie 49 Cascade 12

106: Double Forfeit 113: Aidan Noonan (CASC) over (MIPR) (For.) 120: Double Forfeit 126: Dallas Miller (MIPR) over (CASC) (For.) 132: Double Forfeit 138: Connor Conlin (CASC) over (MIPR) (For.) 145: David Murray (MIPR) over Casey Koppes (CASC) (Fall 3:14) 152: Mason Hartley (MIPR) over Brady Graff (CASC) (Dec 6-3) 160: Cael Garvey (MIPR) over Ted Weber (CASC) (Fall 2:52) 170: Cory Allen (MIPR) over Angel Nunez (CASC) (MD 13-2) 182: Colton Allen (MIPR) over (CASC) (For.) 195: Josh Wallington (MIPR) over (CASC) (For.) 220: Isaac Boucher (MIPR) over Kodey Miles (CASC) (Fall 0:44) 285: Gannon Callahan (MIPR) over Parker Wright (CASC) (Fall 2:21)

Anamosa 47 Mid-Prairie 26

113: Josiah Simms (ANAM) over (MIPR) (For.) 120: Milton Moctezuma (ANAM) over (MIPR) (For.) 126: Dallas Miller (MIPR) over Dustin Starn (ANAM) (Fall 1:34) 132: Double Forfeit 138: Mitchell Engelbart (ANAM) over (MIPR) (For.) 145: Alex Casey (ANAM) over David Murray (MIPR) (TF 16-0 6:00) 152: Dominic Haas (ANAM) over Mason Hartley (MIPR) (Fall 2:17) 160: Nathan Keating (ANAM) over Cael Garvey (MIPR) (Fall 5:51) 170: Cory Allen (MIPR) over Mason Brown (ANAM) (MD 18-4) 182: Colton Allen (MIPR) over Nolan Mclean (ANAM) (MD 10-2) 195: Josh Wallington (MIPR) over Cameron Hanson (ANAM) (Fall 0:54) 220: Isaac Boucher (MIPR) over Alex Shover (ANAM) (Fall 0:49) 285: Connor Andersen (ANAM) over Gannon Callahan (MIPR) (Fall 1:40) 106: Gage Engelbart (ANAM) over (MIPR) (For.)

Mid-Prairie 48 North Cedar 18

120: Double Forfeit 126: Dallas Miller (MIPR) over (NOCE) (For.) 132: Double Forfeit 138: Brody Hawtrey (NOCE) over (MIPR) (For.) 145: David Murray (MIPR) over (NOCE) (For.) 152: Mason Hartley (MIPR) over (NOCE) (For.) 160: Cael Garvey (MIPR) over (NOCE) (For.) 170: Cory Allen (MIPR) over (NOCE) (For.) 182: Colton Allen (MIPR) over (NOCE) (For.) 195: Josh Wallington (MIPR) over (NOCE) (For.) 220: Tyler Thurston (NOCE) over Isaac Boucher (MIPR) (Fall 1:08) 285: Gannon Callahan (MIPR) over Sabian Mesinas (NOCE) (Fall 1:56) 106: Double Forfeit 113: Kole Murray (NOCE) over (MIPR) (For.)

Pekin 41 Highland 33

145: Brady Hahn (HIGH) over Cael Baker (PEKI) (Dec 6-1) 152: Cory Stewart (HIGH) over Lathe Crochet (PEKI) (Fall 1:37) 160: Hunter Conger (PEKI) over Dan Burton (HIGH) (M. For.) 170: Tanner Bainbridge (PEKI) over Jordan Sosa (HIGH) (TF 16-1 3:51) 182: Cael Yeggy (HIGH) over Logan Kealey (PEKI) (Fall 6:00) 195: Mason Juhl (PEKI) over (HIGH) (For.) 220: Bradley Rodgers (HIGH) over (PEKI) (For.) 285: Kaden Pollock (PEKI) over (HIGH) (For.) 106: Yahir Jimenez (HIGH) over (PEKI) (For.) 113: Double Forfeit 120: Bailey Frescoln (PEKI) over (HIGH) (For.) 126: Michael Jones (PEKI) over (HIGH) (For.) 132: Geoff Streb (HIGH) over Cooper Laumeyer (PEKI) (Fall 0:47) 138: Zach Hammes (PEKI) over Caedon Harbison (HIGH) (Fall 3:55)

Highland 39 Wapello 36

138: Caedon Harbison (HIGH) over Christopher Ewart (WAPE) (Dec 9-8) 145: Brady Hahn (HIGH) over Evan Ross (WAPE) (Fall 1:27) 152: Cory Stewart (HIGH) over (WAPE) (For.) 160: Jordan Sosa (HIGH) over (WAPE) (For.) 170: Dan Burton (HIGH) over (WAPE) (For.) 182: Cael Yeggy (HIGH) over (WAPE) (For.) 195: Ricky Pforts (WAPE) over Justin Sosa (HIGH) (Fall 0:51) 220: Double Forfeit 285: Bradley Rodgers (HIGH) over Dakota Boline (WAPE) (Fall 0:51) 106: Jacob Chamberlain (WAPE) over (HIGH) (For.) 113: Chase Witte (WAPE) over (HIGH) (For.) 120: Colton Meeker (WAPE) over (HIGH) (For.) 126: Mitchell Moore (WAPE) over (HIGH) (For.) 132: Daniel Meeker (WAPE) over Geoff Streb (HIGH) (Fall 3:09)

New London 51 Lone Tree 9

145: Jardin Mufaume (NLHS) over (LOTR) (For.) 152: Currey Jacobs (NLHS) over (LOTR) (For.) 160: Jordan Johnson (NLHS) over Will Hotz (LOTR) (Dec 5-1) 170: Gabe Carter (NLHS) over (LOTR) (For.) 182: Gavin Holmes (NLHS) over (LOTR) (For.) 195: Tim Mills (LOTR) over Cameron Raines (NLHS) (Dec 8-4) 220: Jaxon Allen (NLHS) over (LOTR) (For.) 285: Owen Reed (NLHS) over (LOTR) (For.) 106: Marcel Lopez (NLHS) over (LOTR) (For.) 113: Bryce Thompson (LOTR) over (NLHS) (For.) 120: Double Forfeit 126: Double Forfeit 132: Branson Dewitt (NLHS) over (LOTR) (For.) 138: Double Forfeit

Van Buren 48 Lone Tree 12

106: Bryce Thompson (LOTR) over Megan Heisel (VABU) (Fall 0:50) 113: Bruce Claman (VABU) over (LOTR) (For.) 120: Double Forfeit 126: Double Forfeit 132: Double Forfeit 138: Teddy Metcalf (VABU) over (LOTR) (For.) 145: Brody Caviness (VABU) over (LOTR) (For.) 152: Quentin Story (VABU) over (LOTR) (For.) 160: Aidan Franklin (VABU) over Will Hotz (LOTR) (Fall 3:24) 170: Caleb Stoltz (VABU) over (LOTR) (For.) 182: Tayton Bartholomew (VABU) over (LOTR) (For.) 195: Tim Mills (LOTR) over Cole Troutman (VABU) (Fall 1:49) 220: Kaleb Troutman (VABU) over (LOTR) (For.) 285: Double Forfeit

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