A 35-year-old Cedar Rapids man stole a truck in Iowa City and led police on a high-speed chase that ended with an arrest in Riverside just after noon on Saturday.

The chase went through corn and soybean fields and numerous backyards in Riverside before the driver was stopped on Highway 22 at River Road.

According to police reports, Quentin Jay Hamilton was seen driving a 2013 Toyota Camry off-road through Terry Trueblood Nature Preserve in Iowa City as he accelerated at a high-rate of speed down a trail where at least 10 people were walking. He fled on foot from officers through the timber surrounding the nature preserve.

He allegedly broke into Ace Auto and stole a Ford F-350 pickup, driving the truck through a locked gate and leading police on a chase through southern Johnson County.

With a Johnson County sheriff’s deputy in pursuit, the suspect drove through several bean and corn fields.

In Riverside, the deputy rammed the fleeing truck with his patrol vehicle near Highway 22 and River Road. The suspect jumped from the vehicle but was caught after a brief foot chase.

As the car drove through backyards in Riverside, pieces of the truck broke off. The exhaust was found on Blackberry Street, and a fifth-wheel plate was found on St. Mary’s Street.

Hamilton was arrested on numerous charges and was booked into Johnson County jail. He faces charges of operating under the influence, eluding police, second-degree theft, criminal mischief, attempted burglary, assault or display of a weapon, driving while his license was suspended and reckless driving.

As of Tuesday at noon, he remained in the Johnson County jail.

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