This is an in informational message for residents of Wellman and surrounding area.

The Wellman Scofield Library is in the process of raising funds for an expansion of the current library. The space adjoining the library, which previously housed the senior center, has been designated by the city for the expansion.

So we have the space we need. Now we need the funds to do the construction work for the expansion. We now have $125,000. The amount we need is $500,000.

This fall an application will be made to the Riverboat Foundation for funds.

The need for more room is critical. Carol Wilkins, our library director, does a fantastic job of creating activities for all ages. Recently the Blank Park Zoo was a featured guest; 170-plus people came for this event. They needed more room.

Two authors were recent guests and craft sessions for seniors have been scheduled several times. At Christmastime, the library hosts the City’s Santa visit. Each year attendance has grown and last year Santa hosted 170 people.

Pam and Jerry Nelson have created a “thermometer” to track our fundraising progress. It is located in the Bidwell Slockett Park across the street from Freeman Foods. 

Wellman is fortunate to have such a great library for such a small town. Let’s make it even better. Please consider making a donation to this worthy cause. No donation is too small.

Donations can be made at the library, City Hall or mailed to Wellman Scofield Library, P.O. Box 420, Wellman, IA 52356.

Bert Walker


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