Why do I support Pete Buttigieg for president? 

Pete is simply the most qualified and presidential candidate in a strong Democratic field. By that I mean – beyond Pete’s world class education, unique experience and military service – he has a strong moral compass and an impressive set of values.

These values are what Pete refers to as his “Rules of the Road,” and everyone associated with Pete’s campaign is encouraged to follow them.

Pete’s guiding set of values – values refreshing to see in politics – includes: respect, belonging, truth, teamwork, boldness, responsibility, substance, discipline, excellence and joy.

One of these values is especially worth repeating – belonging. It is the power of belonging that will deliver us from the divisions of hate the current administration has spread.

Pete’s approach to political leadership is the antithesis of what Washington has come to represent in recent years. His fresh approach is precisely what we need to usher in a new era. An era – not defined by what is good for Washington, special interests and elites – an era, which elevates you, me and our neighbors.

Pete will lead us to an era where we are all welcomed – welcomed as humans with gifts to contribute to society – instead of being told to hide our true selves. We must act now to fix what Pete has called America’s “crisis of belonging.”

If we don’t start now, who will be the next cast aside, pushed away or lost forever?

We need Pete because we can count on him to lead with strong values. Pete will lead with respect. Pete will lead with discipline. Pete will lead with joy. Pete will lead us to a greater sense of belonging and a stronger America.

Are you ready to unite in belonging? Pete needs you – America needs Pete.


Tyler Baird serves on the Lone Tree City Council.

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