Class 2A girls

800-meter run - Marie Hostetler and Mitzi Evans.

1500-meter run - Marie Hostetler and Angelina Evans.

3000-meter run - Marie Hostetler.

4x100-meter relay - Amber Swart, Mitzi Evans, Maddie Edgington and Abbagail Evans.

4x200-meter relay - Amber Swart, Cassidy Rourke, Maddie Edgington and Abbagail Evans.

4x800-meter relay - Angelina Evans, Abbagail Evans, Moriah Brase and Kate Cavanagh.

Sprint medley - Maddie Edgington, Cassidy Rourke, Mitzi Evans and Amber Swart.

Distance medley - Abbagail Evans, Cassidy Rourke, Amber Swart and Marie Hostetler.

Discus throw - Tori Boyse.

Class 2A boys

Discus throw - Jack Baker.

4x100-meter relay - Clarke Latcham, Caleb Thomas, Grant Boyse, Elmir Ganibegovic.

4x200-meter relay - Clarke Latcham, Quinn Schmidt, Grant Boyse, Elmir Ganibegovic.

4x800-meter relay - Quinn Schmidt, Brad Tornow, Miles Burrows, Justin Schwartz.

Sprint medley - Clarke Latcham, Quinn Schmidt, Elmir Ganibegovic, Grant Boyse.

Class 1A girls

100-meter dash - Emily Yahnke (Highland) and Suzanna Yoder (Iowa Mennonite).

200-meter dash - Suzanna Yoder (Iowa Mennonite).

400-meter dash - Suzanna Yoder (Iowa Mennonite).

400-hurdles - Holley Johnson (Lone Tree)

800-meter run - Leah Bontrager (Iowa Mennonite).

1500-meter run - Madison Thomann (Highland).

4x100-meter relay - Highland (Sarah Schneider, Aly Stokes, Kristy Thomann, Emily Yahnke).

4x200-meter relay - Highland (Sarah Schneider, Aly Stokes, Kristy Thomann, Emily Yahnke).

Distance medley relay - Lone Tree (Holley Johnson, Kasey Chown, Macie Bopp, Natalie Patterson). 

Long jump - Emily Yahnke and Aly Stokes.

Class 1A boys

400-meter dash - Trey Lasek (Highland).

800-meter run - Bryan Redlinger (Highland).

Shot put - Cale Yoder (Lone Tree).

Distance medley - Lone Tree (Alex Viner, Konner Coppinger, Avery Knock, Keegan Edwards).


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