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Washington County Sheriff Jared Schneider stands at the door of the new sheriff’s office satellite office inside the Kalona Community Center.

An increased law enforcement presence in northern Washington County took a step forward in the last week of August.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office has begun using its satellite office inside the Kalona Community Center.

“We’ve been using it at right at a week now, and I’ve heard several times on the radio that the guys are coming out of the north office,” Sheriff Jared Schneider said last week. “I know our guys are up here.”

The office has a couple desks and computers, as well as an interview room.

“Basically what this does is serve as a squad room for the north end of the county,” Schneider said. “Our deputies will have access like they need to and work on paperwork, write citations and write accident reports. They can access our records management system in Washington to pull up any kind of information that they need. 

“Anything they can do in our squad room in Washington, my goal was to have it where they could come up here and do it from this room.”

Schneider said having the office in Kalona will help save deputies’ time on the road, and miles and fuel for their vehicles. 

“The most important part of that is to keep (deputies) in our communities in the north end of the county,” he added.

He recalled some frustrating times during his days working patrol.

“I remember many times making that trip down to Washington to do paperwork and within five minutes getting a call to go back up north,” he said. “It’s pretty frustrating, and made it sometimes difficult to get your work done.”

Schneider stressed that the satellite office, though, is not a full-service arm of his department.

“No other services will be provided out of this office,” he said. “It’s just working space for our patrol division to get their job done in a more efficient manner. We don’t have a telephone in here. This is not the place to go if you need to report a crime.”

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