In a unanimous vote on Aug. 26, Washington County supervisors approved an agreement with John D. and Jenna L. Greiner to upgrade and rock surface a quarter mile of 285th Street west from Ivy Avenue. 

The cost of the construction for a 24-foot-wide road is estimated at $55,000 with 100% of it to be paid by the landowners.  

The Greiners requested the upgrade to a Class A road that will border the new residence they are building on the property at the end of the road.   

The landowners had met and discussed the request with the county engineering and the board more than once.

The work is expected to be done by the summer of 2020 and calls for the county to arrange for the grading and surfacing the grading work.

The landowners in the agreement are to pay the 100% of the final cost in one installment.  

If this should not happen, a special assessment will be made and entered upon the tax list against the property.  

In a related action, the board approved obtaining construction work quotes for the 285th Street project to be taken at 9 a.m., Sept. 9 in the county engineer’s office.

In other business, the board:

• Accepted  the low bid of $264,892.62 from Midwestern Construction, Inc. of Cedar Falls for the pavement patching project involving a number of repairs to various county roads. The original estimate was was $250,000. The highest of the three bids was $366,9778.23.

• Had a brief discussion with Washington City Administrator Brent Hinson about the county-owned recycling center handling hazardous materials brought by Washington city residents.  

The city recently contracted with Johnson County Refuse for recycling and solid waste collections, which are taken to the SEMICO landfill in  adjacent Jefferson County. Hazardous materials, however, are a separate matter. 

Previously, the city had contracted with and paid the county for services with WEMIGA, the county’s provider.  

Both Hinson and the board noted there could be a fee charged for such disposal.

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